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3/30/2020 5:55:37 AM

Telemedicine vs. Virtual Care: Defining the Difference

The healthcare industry is evolving at a rapid pace as professionals and facilities look for ways to increase their patients’ access to care while decreasing the overall cost of healthcare. Fortunately, digital technology is making it easier for healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients, breaking down the barriers that can impede a patient’s access to medical care.

3/29/2020 2:25:41 AM

Telemedicine and the Coronavirus Crisis: Key Legal Issues for Providers to Consider

While governments and health care organizations globally work to contain spread of COVID-19, health care providers are ramping up efforts to prepare for a potential widespread outbreak, anticipating increased patient volumes that could strain hospital care units and medical equipment supply chains...

3/28/2020 4:38:48 AM

The role of telemedicine at a time of widespread disease

Sections of this article include: Throughout history, there has always been an outbreak of infectious diseases, from the plague that was the first widespread infectious disease to Covid....

3/26/2020 5:49:19 AM

Patient Remote Monitoring System

The Remote Patient Monitoring System , or RPMS, is a remote monitoring system that monitors the health and physiology of patients by the above system from medical centers, which can be clinics, hospitals, and so on...

3/25/2020 8:56:55 AM

AI-Powered Smartphone App Offers Coronavirus Risk Assessment

A smartphone app powered by AI will perform at-home risk assessments to direct patients with COVID-19 symptoms to a definitive testing facility.

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