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11/12/2022 6:02:49 PM

Big data and machine learning are a way to find the development pattern of infectious diseases

Today, data science technologies are used in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases. These technologies collect various data related to the widespread disease and combine it with the map and the location of the data, so it can be considered as a solution to identify the path of disease spread and populations that are potentially susceptible to infection

11/26/2022 3:22:46 PM

Nursing at sea through Tele Nursing

It is a broad term that refers to all nursing interventions that are carried out through remote communication such as telephone, internet, e-mail, monitoring and video interventions, but the term Nursing Tele-Practice and telenursing according to the definition of the Canadian Nurses Association are all Patient-centered nursing practices include: providing care and giving information and education to patients and care providers

11/22/2022 3:37:46 PM

A history of digital health

Health is one of the basic human needs, and providing quality, safe, effective and affordable healthcare services is one of the main duties of governments. Although governments are usually the biggest players in the world's health systems, they are not the only players. Especially in recent years, in most countries, the volume of financial turnover in the health sector has increased significantly.

11/22/2022 3:23:46 PM

Objectives of digitizing medical records

Today, Medical Records Scanning is the fastest and most effective way to convert large volumes of paper medical records into digital file archives. Because the volume of paper medical files that are processed in medical centers increases over time. When considering the amount of resources required to manage paper files

11/22/2022 3:12:36 PM

3 Ways to Scale and Optimize Telehealth Programs

Telehealth is a pathway to online care based on information and insights from hospital and health system administrators and other health care professionals, expert surveys, and research articles. It also examines telehealth, reporting the flexibility of delivery systems and how they fit into integrated care

Welcome to Telemedicine Online Portal provides a complete package including EMR with integrated Video Conferencing.
"Telemedicine is the ability to provide interactive healthcare utilizing modern technology and telecommunications." Basically, Telemedicine allows patients to visit with physicians live over video for immediate care or capture video/still images and patient data are stored and sent to physicians for diagnosis and follow-up treatment at a later time.
Whether you live in the center of Los Angeles or deep in the Brazilian Amazon, Telemedicine is an invaluable tool in Healthcare.